Chaos Serpent

Chaos must reign supreme and not be unequally yoked to Order in the prison known as Balance. Chaos cannot reign in Imbalance.

The Great Earth Serpent was taken from the Void, no longer to communicate with us! The Ophidians became obsessed with the struggle between Order and Chaos. No more Balance! The Great Hierophant was murdered and his sacred artifacts were plundered by zealots of Chaos. Rivalry corrupted the hearts and minds of the people. Thus, this lead to war and the Chaos Serpent was brought from the Void and split into three forces.

When the Chaos Serpent was broken, the three Forces of Chaos were driven to Insanity, but it was the Order Serpent who became insane. The Forces of Chaos, the sacred embodiment of the philosophies of Chaos were corrupted and became the Banes. The Banes are only insane because of the Imbalance. Restore Balance and they shall be healed.

The Banes of Chaos are not thine enemy, nor are they Evil in themselves, it is their disunity which hath driven them into cruel insanity. The Banes must once more become the Chaos Serpent, unified and intelligent. Lest they should wander the world, they were imprisoned at the three Temples of Order.

The Grand Shrine of Chaos doth live in the heart of the Skullkrusher Mountains on the Serpent Isle. The Shrine is divided into the Temples of Emotion, Enthusiasm, and Tolerance.

"Chaos is the strong limb, and it cannot be beaten. It is like a rope made of many strands, many yet unified."    - Sethys

"Emotion is the energy that drives the soul. There is both good and bad energy, combined chaotically. There is love and hatred, despair and joy. Without these, men would cease to be men. Without love, we could not lie in peace. If we did not have joy, life would be pointless. Thus, Emotion is the most important of the Virtues."    - Sriash

"Oh, the beauty of pure Chaos! 'Tis the unity of all the discordant elements of Nature, without pattern of order. We are Chaos--it is our belief, and we are its adherents. We are followers of the Red Serpent."    - Sesyntho, Scribe to the Hierophant of Chaos

Tolerance becomes the chain that unites the whole.

Enthusiasm is a rose that brings beauty to our vision.

Emotion is a heart that is a reservoir of our feelings.

The Red Serpent represents the forces of Chaos.

Fire is the embodiment of the force Chaos.

Fire Ruby is the gem of Chaos.

Serpent Isle Map

I believe in the forces and powers of Chaos.
I believe in the ways of Tolerance, Enthusiasm, and Emotion.
I believe that these ways will show me to better myself and therefore how to better my life.
I believe that believing in Tolerance will teach me acceptence of all things.
I believe that believing in Enthusiasm will teach me the source of energy which will allow me to accomplish great tasks.
I believe that believing in Emotion will give me the ability to perceive feelings which come from the heart, not of the mind.
    - Vessuvius

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Motherfuckhead Verse
Tonight, you Fuckheads will sleep with your axes.  You will give your axes a girl's name, because this is the only pussy you people are going to get.  Your days of finger-banging ol' Celia Rottencrotch through her pretty pink panties are over!  You're married to this axe, this weapon of iron and wood, and you will be faithful!
Fuckhead Verse
This is my axe.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.  My axe is my best friend.  It is my life.  I must master it as I must master my life!  Without me, my axe is useless.  Without my axe, I am useless.  I must hone my axe true.  I must swing straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me.  I must fist him before he fists me.  I will!  Before the Chaos Serpent, I swear this creed.  My axe and myself are defenders of Britannia!  We are the masters of our enemy.  We are the saviors of my life.  So be it!  Until there is no enemy, but peace...  Fuckheads!

In my desire to be a Fuckhead, I swear to master the Madness within myself, to never be the ass at the end of the axe, and to respect the ones who would call me brother.  I swear to not lash mine enemy with the tongue, but rather let my axe release my wrath upon those that would entice me to anger.  Furthermore, let it be known to all, that mine head be fucked, and as such, will not tolerate the slander of my deviancy.  I swear to always remain a Badass, and to act accordingly.  This Truth, Love, and Courage serves as my Creed of Discipline.

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