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UO Map is essentially a really kickass map of Ultima Online that can be panned, zoomed, and shows you where you are.  You and your friends can also connect to a UO Map server to see where each other are.

Latest UO Map Files:

The calibration numbers are usually posted on the Temple of Madness before this page is updated.  So if there's a patch and the new numbers aren't here yet, then check over there.  You can get help with operating the program there if you need it also.

7/7/99 - New Shops/Locations Names Files:
Holdom (Pacific) was nice enough to go all over the map renaming shops and other locations.  He's provided the files for everyone to download and use.

- Brucifer

4/18/99 - UO Map 1.2 and Server Released:
Tesla finally decided to make the guild version of UO Map available.  The guild version has the feature to connect to a UO Map server where you can see the locations of everyone else also connected to that server.  Please note that most of us are no longer playing UO so this version has not been tested as extensively as we used to.  Tesla would appreciate it if you would notify him of any bugs you find in the current release.  We hope you all enjoy using this version of UO Map as much as we did during guild wars and when running around together as a guild in a dungeon.

- Brucifer

3/23/99 - UO Map Calibration Tutorial:
Tesla wrote a brief tutorial on calibrating UO Map.

- Brucifer

1/29/99 - UO Map is working again:
If you already have version 1.1, you only need to download the new .exe file over the old one, and put in 9400724 (T2A) or 9365132 (Non-T2A) for the latest calibration number.  If you have an older version, you have to get the whole thing.

- Tesla

Examples of a few of the various zoom levels:

Zoom 1/2
Zoom 2
Zoom 1/8
Pay attention to the calibration setting.  You'll need to come back to this webpage to get a new calibration number once after every new UO patch.

The new locations window.  There are markers for moongates, dungeons, shrines, towns and their shops, your own personal markers, T2A entrances, and monster spawning grounds.

What's new

In the works

Credits; Thanks to

Tesla Most of the Programming, Design
Ravalier Programming the windows version of Map Hack, Fixing MSVC
Kurva Initial Concept, Design, Comments, and for being the only one who updates the damn number
Brucifer Initial Concept, Design, Comments
All the Fuckheads Testing, Comments
Anyone else I forgot Stuff

Questions?  Please check out the UO Map FAQ.